“You, as women, have your own gift to offer to the Church – a gift that is very precious and very needed.”

– Joseph Cardinal Bernadin
Former Archbishop of Chicago and
Episcopal Advisor to the Daughters of Isabella

About Us

The first circle of the Order was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1897, for the purpose of uniting all Catholic women in a sisterhood to achieve the following aims…

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From the International Regent

Welcome to the Daughters of Isabella, one of the largest organizations of Catholic women, who strive each day to live their motto of Unity, Friendship and Charity…

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What We Offer

We have so many things to offer to Catholic women who want to be a part of
the Daughters of Isabella

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Recent News

Circle of the Quarter – St Margaret Mary Circle #1445, Atlanta, GA


This energetic circle sponsors a Faith Bracelet Beading Party.  As an ongoing fundraiser, the St. Margaret Mary circle voted to make beaded bracelets with a religious message.  They made Faith Bracelets, each part of the bracelet has meaning:  the knot – birth; black bead – sin; red bead – Jesus’ blood; white bead – forgiveness; blue bead – baptism; green bead – spiritual growth; yellow bead – heaven; knot -judgment; and clear bead – faith.  An explanation card is included with each bracelet.  The bracelets are sold at the parish ministry fair and the parish gift shop.  As a bonus because this was a social activity and not a business meeting, they were able to welcome potential new members to participate in the activity.  What an interesting activity to incorporate member involvement with a fundraiser, social, and recruitment.

Circle of the Quarter – St Vincent de Paul Circle #211, Spearville, KS

The St. Vincent De Paul Circle #211 of Spearville Kansas sponsored two activities that support our youth and community.  In July they sponsored a ‘welcome for Totus Tuus’ by providing welcome bags of gift cards and snack items for the Totus Tuus Team.  Other circle members made and delivered snacks for the kids who participated in Totus Tuus for that week.  Totus Tuus is a summer Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith.   Also, the circle sponsors a year-long collection of food and delivers it to the ‘Manna House’ food pantry in Dodge City for those in need.  The St. Vincent De Paul Circle #211 certainly demonstrates their Unity, Friendship and Charity in their generosity to the youth and the community.

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